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Capturing the essence of newborns...

Natural and Authentic Newborn and Family Photography

Why are photos important to you?  If you’re like me, you want to remember years from now what it was like to be a new parent, or be in the thick of raising your most precious family.  You want to remember the love.  The feeling of it all.  But you also want to remember the things that brought the feelings.  What was it like to hold your newborn's tiniest of wrinkly toes between your fingers?  Or that moment of pride when your toddler finished her first puzzle, or for that matter, what puzzle it was to begin with?  The first signs of your new baby’s emerging personality, or that look she makes when she’s about to fall asleep. 

Some days I wish I could have a camera ready perpetually in my own life, just to capture these little things that move me so much amidst all the chaos and blur of it all.


I love photography that makes me FEEL.  That stirs something inside me. My lifestyle and documentary sessions aim to capture both the big love and the everyday realness of your family.  Your essence.  For you to look back on and to tell your unique story for years to come.

I would be honoured to help you tell your story.

baby feet in natural light






*serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area*

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