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Photography is inspired by beauty, captured with passion.

~Destin Sparks

Natural and Authentic Lifestyle and Documentary Newborn Photography


Hello and welcome! My name is Carol and I am a newborn, child and family lifestyle and documentary photographer based in Toronto.


I will forever be in love with the pure essence of a newborn baby, and capturing authentic connections and precious moments between families brings me joy!

As your family grows and changes, I look to capture the uniqueness of your family and the bond that is shared between you.  Each stage a family grows into brings new memorable feelings and events. From the immersive newborn stage to the more independent yet interactive teenage years, there are so many moments to cherish and remember!

My Clients are Important to Me

Besides providing you beautiful photos it is of utmost importance to me to provide a relaxed, fun and personal experience to my clients.  I love connecting with new people and am genuinely interested in my clients’ stories and what is important to them. Being new parents can be overwhelming, and being veteran parents can be hectic! I strive to give an experience that is easy, enjoyable and supportive from start to finish. 

My Journey

One of my biggest joys in life is making deep connections with people and I am passionate about finding the essence of spirit in the everyday world.   My mission is to express this through my photography.  In my opinion, there is no other place where one can find meaningful connections and stories moreso than in the family home, and most especially in a home where a new life is being welcomed.


My love for pictures came early on, as my mother had recorded our years growing up in photos, film, slides and small notes about our firsts.  I treasure these memories and will always hold them dear.  We would regularly have slide show nights where my parents would set up a projector and we would eat popcorn and watch memories of summers past, birthdays and our younger selves pass by us on the wall.  I cherish these times.

As I grew, I began creating my own albums, telling my own stories of growing up as a teenager and young adult trying to find my way.  

IMG_7904 (3)_edited.jpg

It wasn’t until 2012, when my daughter was born that I fell in love with newborns and their innocence – their essence pure; my heart grew 10 sizes that year. Of course I recorded every moment of that first year and onwards, not wanting to forget a minute of it.  

The transformation into motherhood was massive – it was the hardest, rawest, messiest yet most magical and beautiful time of my life. 

Two years later, my son was born. New challenges abound, I learned to grow and adapt to being a mother of two.  Photography was always on the front of my mind, now capturing moments between brother and sister.

It wasn’t until my children were a bit older and the haze of new motherhood began to clear that I realized just how much I wanted photography to be a part of my life on an ongoing basis, and how much I wanted to use photography to bring joy to others and be their storyteller.

Today, I am committed to creating beautiful everlasting memories for families that cherish photographs and their magical tales the way I do.

This is my story.  I cannot wait to hear yours.

~ Carol

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