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Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

~ William Faulkner

What is Lifestyle and Documentary Photography?

There are so many different styles of photography out there these days  - each style is radically different and it is so important to find the style that is right for you and your family!

Lifestyle photography captures genuine moments that are gently guided by the photographer.  While photos look more natural and candid than the traditionally posed photography, the photographer will direct you on such things as where to sit or stand, or offer suggestions such as snuggling your baby while looking at each other.  It results in beautiful and natural photos that truly show the love and caring that a family has for each other. 


Documentary newborn photography aims to capture undirected moments between your newborn. With this style, the photographer does nothing to influence the people they are photographing and looks for genuine and authentic moments. The moments speak for themselves and tell a beautiful story. It's a wonderful way to preserve and record your very own special family history.


I offer a style that is a combination of both lifestyle and documentary.  I love to photograph newborns as they are, with simple wraps, onesies, or just a diaper. I will photograph your newborn and family in a natural yet guided way that shows the love you have for each other. I also look for the candid moments in between the loving moments, which end up giving my clients a beautiful collection of timeless portraits and memorable stories.

What is a typical In-Home Newborn Session like?

My sessions focus on finding the authentic connection between parents, siblings (if any) and their newborn, little nuances unique to each babe and documenting memories of such a precious moment in time.  

I like to go with the flow and take an organic approach to the shoot.  It doesn't matter if your baby is asleep or awake, fussy or calm, this is about capturing moments of how it was like at this beautiful, fleeting moment in your lives, no added pressure needed! I love when baby is awake and I have the opportunity to capture his or her unique personality!


All the photos are taking using natural light.

The session can take anywhere from from 1-2 hours. I look forward to each session unfolding while I'm there!


Do you use props or can I request certain items be photographed with my baby?

Although I don't do posed shots of newborns, I love to use wraps, blankets and headbands, and I'm happy to incorporate any special momentos, heirlooms or outfits that you would like to be a part of the session. 


We just had a baby, my place is a mess!  Plus it is small and not very bright.  Where do you take pictures?

No worries!  Having 2 kids myself, I completely understand (and expect) that your home may be chaotic and messy.  I typically do the session in either the living room, the nursery, or your bedroom, depending on the best window light.  Remember, this session is about authenticity, and how life was in that moment in time, so a little clutter isn't going to ruin the photoshoot.

Also, I've done sessions in small condos and in low light without issue in terms of getting a nice variety of shots.  It's possible and not an issue as long as there is a window with natural light  and there is flexibility around where the shoot happens.  

What is the best time for the photoshoot?

I typically like to book sessions to start around 10am.  I love to work with soft morning light. I'm open to booking anywhere in between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Is there an age limit for this type of photoshoot?

Absolutley not!  While it is nice to photograph baby in between 6 - 14 days old, as this is when they are most sleepy, and the photos will reflect those early, first moments together, my sessions do not require this as photos are taken in a more relaxed manner, whether baby is asleep or awake.  It's also nice to have baby a little older as when they are awake, their emerging personalities are captured too.

What are your Family Sessions like?

My sessions focus on finding the connection and love within the family, and capturing what makes your family unique and special!  For in-home sessions, I plan with my families to have a couple activities in mind that match the age group of the children (i.e. playing a board game together, reading books, playing with toys). My goals is for everyone to enjoy themselves while spending time together!


How much does a session cost?  

I offer simple, all-inclusive packages which start at $299.   All packages include a pre-shoot consultation, the photo session, access to an online private and secure viewing gallery, and download of digital hi-res creatively retouched images.  Some packages include options such as a slideshow and/or a custom professionally printed album.  Please contact me for a full price list.

How and when will I receive my images?

Once your images have been processed and retouched, I will upload them to a private and secure online gallery for you to download. I will provide both high-resolution and low-resolution (for online sharing) within 4 weeks of your shoot date. I am just as excited to see your photos as you will be!

How do you select the images you deliver?

With all my packages, I carefully review and select the images that best reflect the connection between you, your newborn and/or your family, and myself as an artist. With the exception of my basic package, I then retouch and creatively hand-edit all of those selected photos and provided them to you for download.  I deliver at least 50 images, and usually there are more included. This way you don't have to choose which ones you like best, you get them all!  Expect a beautiful collection of quality and touching images.

My most simple package is for families that prefer to have a smaller collection of photos.  I upload to your viewing gallery unedited proofs of the all images that I have reviewed and hand-selected from our session.  You will then choose 10 from that gallery and I will retouch and provide to you for download.  Additional images are available for purchase for $25 each.

I would like my images to remain private.  Is that possible?

Yes, any privacy concerns you have are important to me. If you prefer not to have your photos shared online or used for marketing materials, please let me know and I will be sure to keep your images private.

Can I purchase prints or albums from you?

Absolutely. I believe that beautiful family photographs belong in albums or on walls, not stored away on our hard drives! It is all too common in the digital era to take countless photos, upload them with good intentions, only to never look at them again! I love seeing my family in print . It is lovely to be reminded of special moments day-to-day just by glancing at my walls. There is also something much more touching to looking at an album of photographs compared to flipping through our phones. There is a story being told as the pages are turned. The tangible quality of an album or print seems to add more life to the photos!


I work in collaboration with two high end local printers who create beautiful prints and custom heirloom albums. Please let me know what you are interested in investing in and I will be happy to make suggestions.

I'd like to get in touch - how can I reach you?

You can click here and fill out the information request form, or you can email me at  I'm happy to discuss any questions you might have!

I'm ready to book - what should I do?

Wonderful!  Please fill out the information request form found here, and I will get in touch with you to discuss next steps.


I would be honoured to witness and capture this most important and precious time in your life.

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